miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011

Katy Perry - Firework

I think this song is asome... when I heard made me feel special. Like anyone can make me feel bad. 
I think is true that everyone is a firework,is true that we are a firework, one that is always shining that never goes out, we are all original and unique, we just have to be thankfull each day that passes beacuse we can be better no matter what.!!  
So my friends.. Be happy that we do not care much less the past, because the future has not arrived yet ...do not let us rob our peace, our joy and our hopes. Because happiness is only found in its path. 
PS: Don't you ever forget this. 
ATTE: Jiovaaa 

Hi! People….
I don’t think you know me, but that’s ok. For those who don’t know.
I am Jiovanna Villalobos..I’m a pretty funny person, who like to see everyone smile, I am study graphic design at URBE and I have a lot of friends there …
I think a must say … This is my block, I’m new on this so be patient.
Like a was saying , I am a person who really likes animals and for that I have a famer and I have decided I’m going to study Animal Production on another college. I really need to say to my friends that I’m going to miss them so much and that I never going to forget all the things that I been through with all of them … So I love U .. guys you’re the best..
                   I guess this is it    
PS: I love U’ guys
ATTE: Jiovaaa

martes, 18 de enero de 2011